Serious News 07/18/2008

Hi Everyone. This post is a rather sad one regarding one of our members, Brody34. This past weekend, she was in a serious riding accident that ended in a broken nose, concussion, and 25 stictches to her lip and gums. Plz post well wishes here, and if you would like to send cards, email them to This would mean so much to her, so plz post!!!!


Where are you going this summer? 3 of KLC's staff are heading to China for 2 weeks. Please tell us where you're going, and make sure to add in details later about how it was!  MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF YOU SAY GOODBYE TO THOSE THREE MEMBERS!!!!!

ANYTHING!!! 05/01/2008

suggested by tropicalsunLJC, 1 of the kerrylanecrew bloggsterz , this blog post is sure to b  a hit!!!  U CAN POST ANYTHING HERE!!! hav fun!


Which prezidential candidate r u rooting 4? post ur answers here!

Painting Contest 04/06/2008

Hey everyone! The gallery page seems to be a favorite of everyone's, and we love it too! the sad thing is that the paintings are getting to be old...So, to solve this problem, we have created a contest! Send a picture of your best pictures of paintings (you are allowed more than one entry!) to us for a chance to have the top 3 posted!

Riddle Answer 03/25/2008

Hey guys! Most of you know that we are having a sort of "contest" about jokes and riddles. The question was "If you have a bunch of odds and ends, and get ride of all but one of them, what do you get?" If anybody knows the answer, or even has a guess, please post!!

WOW! 01/27/2008

Hey guys! All of us here at KLC want to know what you think about the website. Post your comments here or just talk with friends! Please no innapropriate words, and it is a good idea to use a nickname or old username, just 4 safety. OK? Have Fun!!

KLC <3