NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!

hey kerrylanecrew fans!!! this is a brand new newz page. keep checkin this page to stay updated on the latest trends, and other cool newz!!!!!

                                                                                      june 8th, 2008


we, klc crew, are proud to announce the comming of a new member, BUDDY!!! buddy (a.k.a. buddy boy) is one of our members new kittens, and is the CUTEST LITTLE THING EVERRRRRRR!!!!!! go to www.cozykittens.comto see buddy and his other cute little frends!!! WE MEEN IT!!!!

                                                                            June 20th, 2008


we, klc crew, are sad to say that one of our klc families is leaving to go to china for 2 weeks!!!! we will not be seing or hearing from them until they get home. HAV A GREAT TRIP!!!!!!

                                                       June 20th, 2008

Another New Member

Hey guys! Parkview is our first intertnational member! She post on the blog from HongKong, and we are so excited to have members from all around the world!

Sad News

Hey guys! Most of you know Brody34, who posts on the blog and helps with the KLC website. This weekend, she was in a horseback riding accident that ended in a broken nose, concussion, and 25 stitches in her lower lip/ gums. Plz post on the blog with get well notes, as she gets VERY bored at home on the couch and likes to read her mail. If you would like to send a card or email to her, plz send it to Thanks so much, and we hope she has a quick recovery!!