Welcome to KerryLaneCrew.com! *8-)

Check out the different pages, listed below!

1. Bloopers- check out some funny videos and some pictures!

2. Gallery- one of our members is an absolutley brilliant artist, look for her pictures! ALSO a funny pic of Mona Lisa, and other famous paintings that we have added our funny touches to!!!

3. Blogsterz!- u can post ur blog, but no bad words or swearing cuz we've got complete control. Have fun!

4. Jokes and Riddles- check in every day for funny jokes to brighten your day!

5. Music- Stop by for some cool new music and funny old tunes!

6.SuperNewz- A cool new page devoted to lots of current events!

7.FUNNYCAT- this is a way cool new page devoted to funnycat photos! THEY R HILARIOUS!!!


Hey guys! One of our members made a great advertising video, and we want to see what you think!

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